Asia cruises take in some of the most awe-inspiring places on earth and
with a cruise and stay package, you’ll see everything on your bucket
list and more with extended city stays before or after your sailing.
Start your Asia cruise in Japan in ultra-modern Tokyo before taking in
the dramatic landscape of Shimizu and the history of Hiroshima. Next,
head to China with sensational tours including the Terracotta Warriors,
Panda Conservation Centre and the Great Wall before cruising around some
of the best ports in Southeast Asia for the beautiful beaches, bustling
cities and paradise islands that make cruises to Asia so popular.



Asia cruises to India

If you are looking for a full sensory-awakening experience, then India
should be at the top of your list. The vibrant colours and lively spice
aromas in Mumbai will leave you with a whole host of magical memories.
Visit the General Post Office Building or the former home of Mahatma
Gandhi or even have an interesting introduction into the Hindu religion.



Asia cruises to Sri Lanka

Step ashore and visit “Tahiti ” of the East, as it is fondly known
amongst Westerners,for its beauty and tranquility. This stunning island
off the Southern Indian shores has a reputation for being a first class
tropical island paradise of supreme calm.



Asia cruises to China and Taiwan
Walk a stretch of the awesome Great Wall of China and marvel at the
majestic Tibetan Mountains. The Xi’an Terracotta Army will have you
bewildered for days and The Silk Road will offer you a fascinating
insight into the extensive network of trade routes across the Asian
continent connecting Asia with Europe and Africa.



Asia cruises to South Korea

Enjoy one of the many beautiful National Parks or one of the secret beaches set under imposing cliffs. This green land of lush tropical vegetation holds a huge ginseng reserve and is a real feast for the eyes.


Asia cruises to Hong Kong

Visit Victoria Peak for amazing panoramic views of this incredible city
and the oldest and most famous Man Mo Temple. The flower market in
Kowloon is a dazzling vibrant example of nature at its best. Also worthy
of your attention are the Soho District are Hollywood Road and Aberdeen


Asia cruises to Vietnam

Typical of the Asian landscape are the rice terraces, and none are as well etched into the hillside as those in Vietnam. Take a shore excursion on your Vietnam cruise to experience this unique panorama which gives way to the breathtaking, endless coastline shaded with palm trees, perfect for everything from diving expeditions to sunbathing.


Asia cruises to Indonesia

Step onto the shores of Bali where the warm waters of the Indian Ocean
lap up onto the sundrenched sands. Visit the Monkey Forest, the Ubud Art
Market and the Batik Workshops- all fascinating insights into Balinese
culture. The natural landscape of rice paddies, volcanoes soaring high
into the clouds and glittering, white sand beaches will keep even the
keenest of photographers busy for hours!


Asia cruises to Japan

This amazing country of contrasts awaits you with open arms. On the one
hand its cutting edge technology reinforces Japan’s position as a
prominent player on the world’s stage and on the other, its traditional
past instils a calming and spiritual atmosphere. On a Japan cruise
the vibrant city of Tokyo is fun to see, as is the capital city of
Kyushu, Fukuoka. Don’t leave before you have seen the florally abundant
theme park of Huis-ten-Bosh at Nagasaki with its multitude of flowers
and trees, restaurants, theatres and museums.


Asia cruises to Malaysia

The unspoilt landscapes, crystal clear waters and unusual wildlife of
Malaysia are what you should expect to see if you take a trip ashore
from your ship. Juxtaposed with this stand the towering skyscrapers of
Kuala Lumpur, the cultural and economic centre of Malaysia. Exotic
perfumes permeate the air and the people are very warm and friendly,
making you feel at home almost immediately.


Asia cruises to Thailand

Head inland from the stunning, world-renowned beaches and coastline to
discover the ruins of the ancient Buddhist temples and fascinating,
enchanting cities.


Asia cruises to Singapore

Well known for its tranquility and celestial ambience is Singapore,
where a common respect for all cultures, traditions and religious
beliefs is commonplace. Sit on the exotic terrace at the luxurious
Raffles Hotel and be sure to order a notorious Singapore Sling before
heading back to your ship.


Asia cruises to the Philippines

A real melting pot of different cultures to compare and contrast, all with a splash of foreign influence, makes the Philippines your port of call. This beautiful part of the world is made up of over 7000 islands stretching from the South of China down to the North of Borneo.



Given the huge size of Asia, countries differ in their climates, however, the Asian cruise season tends to run from November to March as outside of these months the weather can be very hot, humid and rainy.